Wheeled Duffel Black

March 20, 2010 8:06 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Wheeled Duffel Black
Can my type of installation new board?

so im gettin from skatewarehouse, man incredible place. Deck-Toy Machine Nick Trapasso Fiberprime Venture Lo Truck-Wheels-Spitfire Cory Duffel Black repeater Bearings-Bones Reds Griptape Hardware-Enjoi-Mob Figure Toy Machine

Awesome set-up! That is a sweet ride you Rollin. Board 9 / 10! Toy Machine Nick Trapasso Fiberprime Deck 9 / 10 Excellent, light, durable, high pop. Is that going to last long. Venture Lo Cory Duffel Trucks 10/10 My favorite truck. Very light, durable and easy to turn ideal for street skating. Spitfire Wheels Repeater Black 10/10 I like these the best, too Ricta too. But I prefer spit wheels. Bones Reds Bearings 10/10 Another of my favorites. Fast and smooth, use mine all the time. Enjoi Hardware 8 / 10 never used it but heard it was good. I use raw and Shorty's hardware, I may check out Enjoi too. Toy Machine 10/10 MOB grip tape can never go wrong with MOB. Here is my current setup: deck: Speed Demon Rasta Tribe. Yes I'm pretty broke now is not the best advice I ever traveled, but still pretty good. Trucks: Destructo Mid 5.0, Silver Wheels: Spitfire Bearings: Bones Swiss Hardware: Shorty's Griptape: MOB Hope I helped!

Vugati 25 Black Wheeled Duffle, Tote and Garment Bag

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