Weather Alaska Winter

June 9, 2008 3:40 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

weather alaska winter
Any ideas for good cold weather boots that are somewhat out of fashion?

I live in Alaska and winter is approaching. I need a good pair of boots that I can take in which to keep my feet warm (because my feet are always cold). Ideally, what I want is a pair of black boots. I do not know what is good brands. Have to bear in the snow, keep your feet warm in -50 degrees and no more than $ 150

I work for the Forest Service and have had experience with many different styles of work boots. Chippewa, Kodiak, and Carolina all make black boots insulated from 89.99 to 129.99. This may not be the style of boot you are looking for but all of them will last for many years. A good place to look is They seem to have the best price.

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