Vera Bradley Limited

May 10, 2008 3:27 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Vera Bradley Limited
14 years old girls only !!!!!!?

OK so my birthday before and I have no idea wat I want! My family isn't as pour in money, but they are really rich (I'm not really trying to show off saying that im really not that much of a price cap). I am interested in Vera Bradley purses cute (juicy, any designer but not a purse of $ 500), CLOTHES!, and so a lot of things like tiffany 2. Well I do not really know what I want for my birthday and I was wondering what you choose. So basically just put some good suggestions for a birthday gift for my role than I would like (and / or link to the website I could find it: D) and I will rate all good answers with thumbs up! thank soo, thanks girls! thanks to all U GUYS SOOO MUCH Great ideas! I was thinking about charity 2 so I could donate some money for the family is large prime r adoption of the Angels (a charity for orphans of the baby) and that would be sweet! LILLY LOVE UR ANSWER was amazing!

a computer laptop. That's what I'm on my birthday! my macbook verrry.-Vera Bradley PJ pants are like the best things on earth! I always those of my friends bdays. Ask for the an American Express Gift Card! You can use at any store, its more or less like a debit card! plus the way you can save if theres anything that REALLY want now. Suda-juicy are clásico. JEWERLY JUICY-I ADORE her incredible! "Perfume! Marc Jacobs Daisy is great! its fun, and great for a 14.-year-old as someone said, a puppy, "an iPod or iTunes gift cards, LillyLove ♥.

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