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Discover Paradise Ice Alaska

Alaska is 49th U.S. state and became part of the country in 1959. Where is named of? It is derived from the term "Aleut Alyeska, meaning" great land. " Is on top in the Way of the Yukon and the borders of a part of Canada. The Arctic Circle is within him, and has high, snow-capped mountains. It has a large amount of land area and is the largest state in the U.S.. It also has the largest coastline of any state.

Alaska's first inhabitants probably came across the bridge Bering Land. This piece of land used to link Alaska and Russia is in the Ice Age, but has long since been submerged. Who were the first settlers? They were the Yupik Eskimos, Aleuts, Inuit, and Inupiaq Native Americans. In fact, this was probably the most ancient inhabitants of America came from medium. Over the years, Alaska became part of Russia. In 1867, it was purchased by the U.S. 7 million dollars.

Like Hawaii, Alaska has no another U.S. state along its borders. In fact, is about 500 km from the country which it belongs. What is she like? On the one hand, is a state that has a lot of water. It has many islands and about 3.5 million lakes and that's only counting those who are over 20 acres in the area! It also has plenty of wetlands and swamps and, of course, much of the territory is formed by glaciers or frozen rivers. Most of Alaska is still largely a winter wonderland. Vast expanses of white snow interspersed with beautiful hills are picturesque with tall trees and water falls that produce sparks.

With its abundance of water, which abounds in fish. No wonder it is the favored destination for many experienced fishermen. There are any number of fishing tours could take and experienced guides take you the best places. With so much fish at all, the main export of Alaska seafood only needs to be! However, as agriculture is not much of an industry, and infrastructure transportation in the state is not very good, food prices tend to be high.

Despite all its natural beauty, Alaska many tend to suffer from depression. Is it isolation or cold? Whatever the reason, there is no domestic abuse and a high crime rate and suicide cases. A lot of them probably can be attributed to the high incidence of alcoholism here. However, another problem seems to be the fact that young people tend to leave Alaska as soon as I finish school or college. Their destination? The exciting world that is the rest of the U.S.. This is especially so with the best students. So those left behind are those who do not work as well, which means a slow winding down of talent within the state. Is there a solution? Schools and universities are trying to tackle the problem by offering the top 10% of students a scholarship of four years.

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