Travel Power Adaptor

February 12, 2008 11:22 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Travel Power Adaptor
buy a Nintendo Wii NTSC for use in the UK?

I am thinking of buying a Nintendo Wii U.S. since it is much cheaper (type Instead, etc), however I am aware of the differences of power, etc, I have a HD Ready with HDMI output shouldn't be a problem, is the fact that run 110 watts, would be a normal travel adapter to be all that is required for use in the UK? or is not able to function in any way in the UK?

Hey, most PAL Wii games for buyers based in the UK. So do not be able to buy any new game / DVD-discs and play in the UK. Although, I have solved this problem by adding a mod chip .. I can play both PAL and NTSC dvds. So consider that as your illegally breaking the previous state PAL / NTSC wars!

Universal Travel Power Adapter Plug for UK Ireland

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