Travel Pouch Bag

March 10, 2010 8:02 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Travel Pouch Bag
Travel safety?

If the terrorists intended to put false bottoms in drink bottles to screw cap was closed and the top of the drink entirely sure if he is told to prove he was right, How, then, we know that any babybottle can be manipulated in such manner. Also Mothers are told to drink from a bottle of babies to prove it is safe, but considering the baby is used to smuggle explosives aboard the aircraft then diapers are being checked, drinks, fluid-filled bags could easily be put in baby's diaper. They are also really clear pockets are again looking like things could easily be hidden between a couple packs of diapers or pads. It really measure being taken to ensure our security, or simply to try to reassure him that the country is not losing more money from the people who care about flight

Some of both, equally. Very sad if you think well, still just as worried about money and human security.

Growing Bolder interview with Jean Newell, Boomerpreneur. Inventor of the PUP (personal utility pouch) bag.

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