Summer Jobs Anchorage Alaska

April 9, 2010 11:20 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

summer jobs anchorage alaska
Moving to Anchorage, Alaska ..?

I am moving to Anchorage, Alaska this summer 09 '. I'm waiting so long because I believe in saving much money as you can be anywhere from five to eight would be good and I would get a job and I hope department created. I'm from Ohio for a move away kinnda for me. I really do not care what a job as long as it helps me pay for food and a roof over my head. I'll be 21 when the movement i was wondering if there was a ne ne out how easy it is to find a job and housing in that area. Without knowing a ne would be easy to meet people my age? kinnda silly questions perhaps, but I will be new to the area and I see myself as a very friendly person. Besides, I do not plan to take a lot to me because a trip so far. Wonding if I throw for more money? ne ideas import or useful i guess it would be good for someone looking to move so far. sounds like much of the province there and I would love to see it. Never before moved so that nothing would be great ideas. Thanks!

not plan to live there without visiting and exploring for jobs.

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