Original Ball Bag

June 16, 2008 11:19 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Original Ball Bag
How do I address my kitten is becoming the original "Peebody?

HELP! I think my husband wants to overthrow my pussy. My kitten has been using her litter box from day 1 ….. but in the last month has also peed in 4 other areas of the house. One was a small basket who had his toys (we have since replaced the toys and threw the basket), a bag with Sporting arts (basketballs, footballs, etc) and 2 carpet in my basement. I had already set and is very playful – she did not seem angry. So we have no idea why he has done and what to do. Any ideas?

She may have a bladder infection. Take her to the vet. My cats sometimes use other things in the sandbox, but usually because their cases are too dirty or sick. If you have an infection that may be painful for her to go in the litter.

The Original Ballbag

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