Mount Print Series

August 21, 2008 12:36 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Mount Print Series
does anyone know where i can find this propaganda poster from WW1?

in my history class my teacher showed me this propaganda poster from WW1 and all it says on the poster is…. “uber alles” baron collier patriotic series #2.
it is a poster of this red like demon sitting on a mount of skulls and has a bloody sword lying beside him…..
does anyone have a link to where i can print this picture out?? or knows where i can get it?

If you live in a fairly big city, there are shows at convention centers that are similar to gun shows that are called Military Shows, or Militaria Shows, or something like that. Wherever they hold events like gun shows they probably will have a Militaria Show at some point during the year. Check the schedule of the event hall. You should be able to find that poster and many other similar things. As for finding it online, I’ll look around and try to find a link for you.

Shawn Eichman on Hokusai’s idealized Mount Fuji

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