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How long did it take you to a good and profitable

First, it is important to note that I have always played a lot of letters. I was born and I grew up in Atlantic City and so playing cards, rummy and stud especially, go back for me as far as I can remember.

Basically I do not play with money, until I was in my teens (1993-1994 ish) and even then was not to much and not very often. I could play several games reasonably well by the amateur rules the time, although that was not saying much. I only played limit games though, and had a fair if rudimentary knowledge of drawing and thus likely on, that was really enough. However, I do not play poker to really think about anything long term.

In '95 I was in the army, through '99. I played a lot of spades for a while and then got into a poker game off base that it was not so bad. He had an excellent benefit in 7Stud, and better than average in LHE, but played many games I had never played before or after, as lowball KC. A couple of other games are all dead, but now, in fact they were probably all dead, but here too. Lot of games house rules too. I really do not keep records, but it was surely a net loser in most games for a while.

I should also note that the premises in this game were natives of Alaska, pipeline workers, fishermen and such like. Many of them were not so friendly GI, and was not as a casino security guards and other things. We play in the back of a bar in the city, to my knowledge was not legal, but police do not believe that one has set foot inside once half of the bars. Was sufficiently regular, and friendship with the wait staff and treated to be with other players, but there was a lot of times I had to STFU. The shit you see children throwing in local tournaments with the "ship" the absurd man, I had won an easy ass beating in this place, and I was not a major threat to the money other than a couple of games to anyone.

He lent me money a couple of times I knew it was not likely to return, but that was not as bad as it sounds, because a couple of them I avoid over $ 100, and when someone came to borrow I I would say, "hey, I would, but I'm still trying to get back that $ 100 of so and so."

Anyway, so eventually (Mid 1999) I left the army and Alaska and was back in New Jersey. He found a job, enrolled in school, bought a condo. I was 23 and old enough to play, but my trip I went to the casino without a poker room (duh) and ended up falling 700 in the roulette and craps. Indeed, [censored roulette] and dice.

The next time you finished 7stud Taj playing some low limit LHE technology. It was still far better than many of the players, but there were others who clearly had more knowledge of games (especially on beam). I was + EV, but not by much. I table the experience and meaning reasonably decent card, but some of the other players will only understand the game better than me. Finally realized that I should actually say something.

Super System I purchased as my first book, and an issue of Card Player (which I doubt you read). I thought then, as now, that chapter was very good amount. I rememeber being a good chapter Caro reading, and really liked ebook ยบ. Doyle NLHE chapter was intriguing, but curiously never played NLHE. Sounded like fun but it was a great game in AC, I almost never seen and probably would not have noticed if I had.

I was very busy with work, school and volunteer work, so I did not get to play that often, but I got into most of LHE and maybe play once a month or less.

Fast forward to 2004. Holy shit.

Moneymaker won the WSOP and all fucking in the TV shows do not limit them. He came to all card rooms. Online poker has been around a while but TV is all about. WTF? I'm really the person not only playing this stupid game.

Ok. At this time, well, short of money to me to play poker. I had left a job I hated and a new job and I liked to go to work for much less with a former employer. I actually played with play money to learn NLHE at Pacific Poker (remember?). I read Theory of Poker and Harrington 1 somewhere here and click fast. A lot of it is learning the names of things I get it.

I'm in school, underemployed, and only seriously just happen. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend had just moved in and that is the only way they did. However, echo $ 400 at Pacific Poker, which was my first deposit.

I went straight to NL200, yes to $ 400. Bought in the LDO max. Some of the players were doing really horrible like calling plays no outs in the feeble flame. Doyle style I've definitely played the best he could, and raised preflop most time and stayed aggressive. I met some players and ran hot worst against the best players, and of course I run up to $ 1,300 when my angel appeared in the chat window (memory went something like this):

Random Player: Dude I would love to play every day man
I: Who, me?
RP: Yes, you lucky bastard suk
RP: You suk so bad
ME: Maybe, but only more than tripled my play for money
RP: It did 6.5 times $ 200
ME: I do not mean that only has $ 400 in my account
Angel: You're playing with only $ 1/2NL 400?
RP: Dumbass
Angel: Did you usually say you should have at least 30 buy-ins to play in a limit?
ME: 30 buyins? What do you mean?

And this angel continues long enough to convince me that I'm playing way out of my bankroll, which is quite a feat good for carrying out a handful of phrases in the chat box. I probably would have stayed there until I lost my money, but I cashed out immediately all my profits.

The money arrived the same day my transmission went, and as it happened, was almost enough to cover. I could not absorb a blow like that.

Now I started reading everything I saw. I read a lot on the Internet and 2 +2, but never posted in the forums at all. I catch up with administration of fortune and discover who really could not afford a BR for any game really worth playing, but when I had the chance. When my finacnes better, put another $ 600 somewhere else and played .25/.50 or less.

For 2005, I was only playing NLHE, and a very good clip. I slowly built my BR to the point where he was playing 1 / 2, but still had a tendency to play underolled. That summer I played the FT and the Party and did really well, and this was the presentation Two to 5 / 10 (usually 2 / 4 though).

Summer ended and I got a pretty decent job and finally was out of school, and had a second job as well. My time was kind of scarce and my girlfriend and I decided poker money would be better suited to renewals. I never wanted to be a professional anyway, but I wanted to be a competitive player and be profitable in the games of money in middle game. So there was my bankroll for the season.

I that a good way to keep me jonesing to play some tournaments would be cheap. The only problem was that I had never played in a tournament, and in late 2005 during the height of the mad. Literally, not once.

I went to a Trop rebuy tournament, had a hit with KK vs 99 and was felt in the 3rd or 4th hand, once rebought and cashed. Not wrong. He entered another and the final table. Also not bad. Did you know maybe 5 more and it felt good, but I really like all that much compared tournaments with cash.

I played a lot of tournaments super cheap $ 1 for a while and perhaps to balance. I had read books and got Harrington what he was saying, but really was not focused when I played. I was not all that interested. The competition was not very good, but I know that my game was in C. It bothered me Full Tilt with more of a problem in service, remove, and have not played there since.

I continued in Party and a couple of other sites with a bankroll more small nowehere passing near the biggest game I used to play. 5 / 10 on my reel was out of the question. However, I did start reading voraciously, and I mean everything. I started going back and learn a lot from the things that really should have looked years ago.

My idea was, since I have a lot investment capital away from poker, you could use the time to learn more about the game from a standpoint of theory and mathematics. I have a lot live table experience compared to most players, and have played more hands than most, except for serious online mills.

In early '06 I really started to catch up and really kill 50 / 1, which is not saying mcuh considering where he was, but again I have not able to devote huge amounts of poker with my other projects and work to two (even if a job is a breeze).

Over time I came to Twoplustwo, then CardRunners, and my library was filled with good things. It was a day with PokerTracker, PA HUD, SNG PT, a decent team and so on. I began to publish in a couple of forums and many began filling the gaps as far as my understanding of the game.

Then the ban hit, and I cashed out everywhere except stars. Not a bad run, I moved $ 1,500 to the stars and kept the change.

So Fast forward to now. I have my job yet principal and negotiate on the one hand, and play in a private game and a small line when I can. I still have the habit of cannibalizing my bankroll instead of increasing to do more. It's a little frustrating, but at the same time, my money is getting very good performance out of poker and I have other activities. I just spent a couple of weeks the design the new cover of the book Tournament Poker, and of course was not NLP. Do not get rich doing those, but the hourly rate of 14 hours is not bad compared what it said in poker.

Moreover, lately I've been trying to devote more time to return to play more and 7Stud LHE, in which my knowledge is a bit obselete (The private game I'm good enough since there are no superstars in it, and all played reasonably well NLHE). All online games non-NLHE have improved over time too. I've had my eye on improving my game PLO, which is horrible, some too long.

I think resigning or from VERY low limits as you can now is fantastic. You started at .01/.02 are probably the smartest of all, only wish I could have done the same. That's a great way to start, I do not care what they say.

It really only takes time and effort. It might take 200k hands, or hands may 50k. You may have to read a book or 12 books. Can participate for years before starting to work seriously on it. Just get the normal software, read, and try to enjoy what you're playing, instead of introducing an arbitrary guideline to move up or whatever. There are so many people watching guys like Brian Townsend and frustrated when they can not do the same at night.

Be a winner in any game or limit is a great achievement in poker, especially nowadays. Many people forget that, because they are dreaming of making a living 6 NL200 presentation when they should be to find out why they are not playing .05/.10 instead.

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