Home Foreclosures In Alaska

March 16, 2010 7:11 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

home foreclosures in alaska
Palin Does the government really care about minorities when they are criticized Sen. Obama's work as a community organizer?

Does she not know More than half the people in this country is really a bigger city that whatever Walla Alaska? Community organizers do a lot takes good people to rebel against foreclosures, urban development, etc. Palin may have offended a lot of minorities, independent women and was trying to reach. What do you think? This is for "S" is not that I think people in small towns and farms are less important. But I think people in large urban cities are equally important. I do not here them mention Palin at all. Typical turn right. Reproduction of the culture war. For the community organizer: If you think that Gov. Palin actually spent 24 hours worrying about their job instead of firing weapons of Alaska and the defense of success from U.S. then I'd feel better about it.

dude I could not agree more. realized that she used people with special needs to draw attention away from their lack of knowledge of foreign policy. I live in houston, some 2 million here alone. she can not control his own family as the! @ # $ To be managed across the country. avoided foreign policy issues because he has no idea. We want to know when our troops come home!

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