Four Diamond Edition

December 24, 2008 1:30 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Four Diamond Edition
How much will I get for selling four Pokemon games at Gamestop?

I am going up to gamestop in a few days and I was wondering how much I will get for:
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Leaf Green Edition
Pokemon Ruby Edition

Disregard all of those other answers because none of them know what they’re talking about. I work at GameStop, and Pokemon games are some of the most high value portable games you can trade in.

Also, GameStop does still carry used GBA games. ALL of them might not take them back, but that majority of them will.

Pokemon Diamond: around 12-13 dollars
Pokemon Platinum: around 15 dollars
Pokemon Leaf Green: 10-13 dollars
Pokemon Ruby: 10-13 dollars

We sell those games for $30 a piece still, so the trade-in value is still pretty high.

Battle With The Forces of Evil: Diamond Edition (Clip 4)

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