Eagle Wood

March 14, 2010 8:39 PM | Alaskan Eagles

Eagle Wood
Will it make any difference if I use a brass eagle Avenger in a ball game instead of woods ball speed?

I just received an avenger bronze eagle, and shoot well and everything, But is it ok if I use a woodsball game? I kill?

no doubt its seriousness the player the gun, always and it shoots well, accurately and with enough power to break the paintball ull be fine, I use a Spyder MR1 and dominate, especially the fields Cuz I is not good, so it is really in U if u can reach ur wihtout bunker shot to get, up, all UR marker is gunna do is shoot as any other PAINTBALL GUN theres no difference

Navajo Bald Eagle Wood Carving by Marvin Jim & Grace Begay

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