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December 29, 2008 6:54 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

colleges alaska
Is the University of Alaska Southeast to a good college to go to?

I want to go to the University of Alaska Southeast and fills me and my best friend and I have idea if my dream college is good. I know it's cold in Alska and all, but is that bad for a 18-year-old and his best friend to go. My sister says things like vampires are there and everything but that is not true. Is it?

He said a professor of the University of Alaska Southeast Alaska was the best choice among all the universities here in Alaska. If it is cold here, and have a longer winter than most. But come the summer we have an average of temperatures of 60-80 degrees. Alaska is rich in culture and wildlife. We have some of the best fields of environment you can participate and get your hands on education) This is in the Juneau / Douglas area, ie there are no roads to Juneau should tale (ship) or fly out of Juneau. This could be costly for you if your desire to fly home to see mom and dad every weekend. Analyze your options, we are not vampires, but we are rich, bears, moose, fish, mountains, rivers and glaciers that surround us. If the type of outdoor activities of the person who walks, bikes, climbs, sky, snowboarding, etc. Alaska is waiting!

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