Clutch Thin Wallet

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Clutch Thin Wallet

Check Out Hot Versions of Replica Louis Wallet

Louis wallets form an important part of the Louis Vuitton collection. The Louis Vuitton wallet collection offers something for everyone, in terms of color, design or size. Besides, carrying a Louis wallet is a great style statement. Now, everyone can flaunt the class and style of Louis wallet by owning Louis Vuitton replica wallet.

Evolution of Wallets

Pouches or bags have been used since ages to carry valuables. Small purses with drawstrings were generally used to carry metal coins. Wallets (resembling their current form), came into existence much later, around the 17th century. The modern wallets have separate segments for money, credit cards, important papers, coins and visiting cards. Today, wallets are not limited to being just utility items. The foray of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci into the business has ensured that wallets double up as fashion accessories.

Popular Types of Louis Wallet

The immense popularity of Louis wallets have triggered the creation of Louis replicas that match the original in terms of design as well as quality. Certain popular versions of Louis replicas are:

  • Louis Vuitton’s popular ‘French Purse’ continues to be an all-time favorite. It is the perfect combination of style and efficacy. Its multicolor canvas and graceful metal Viennese clasp provide chic and style. It has separate slots for credit cards, ID card and paper bills. The bigger size of these monogram wallets enables their use as clutch bags. The natural cowhide leather lining in these wallets makes them extremely durable.

  • The Mahina Amelia wallet, named after America’s first woman aviator, Amelia Earthart, stands for feminine charm. Made from monogram Louis Vuitton perforated calf leather, and adorned with golden brass pieces, the Amelia wallet spells elegance. The wallet has a press lock closure system and two patch pockets. There are 18 credit card slots, with a zippered change compartment.

  • The Monogram Vernis Snapped Billfold and Coin Violette is a compact wallet, perfect to be carried in your purse or even in your pant pockets! Equipped with four credit card slots, two slots for papers and receipts, and a long bill slot, this petite wallet is extremely functional.

In fact, replica Louis wallet is much more than what catches the eye. It is style, utility, fashion and quality, all rolled into one. To view our irresistible collection of Louis replica wallets, visit

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