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March 11, 2010 4:32 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

cheap alaska cruises
Skagway or Juneau helicopters and / or Dog Sled Tours Camp?

So my family finally booked an Alaskan cruise this summer … Yes! Anyway, we are very interested in the Husky Dog Sled Camps and possibly combined / separate glacier helicopter tour to see (if we can afford). I realized that both Juneau and Skagway offer similar tours. The price is the same (I realized that the dog sled camp is a little more Skagway economic per person though). Just curious if anyone could recommend one over the other for the glacier helicopter tour and / or Camp Sled dogs … or is it perhaps exaggerated? Thank you. ~ Gavin

The glacier helicopter tour is impressive. I recommend that it is well worth money. In my opinion, I would go for that in the sled dog, but both are great. As sled dogs to do, both will be similar only depends on the scene around you. So go for it can save a little money. The other trip I highly recommend the tours by rail. They are really large and very popular cruises to Alaska.

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