Carry Travel Bag

December 3, 2008 7:57 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Carry Travel Bag
Travel Packing List suggestions for Carry on bag.?

I am going to washington dc for a day and i will spend the night there, and then i will go to the airport from there, and leave my truck at the hotel. I will be taking a plane, probably a connecting flight and i really do not want to check in any bags if at all possible.

I’m just wondering if i take on 2 medium average size duffelbags, of my valuables and a few extra clothings in case my luggage gets lost in the airport.

What type of things do you have in your carry on?

I always pack my valuables on my carry-ons because they stay with me constantly. On smaller planes, they can still get stowed if the compartments above your head are too small to accomodate. I’m not sure if they will let you carry on 2 duffel bags. Youre allowed to have 1 carry-on and one personal item (ie laptop case, purse).

If you’re only going for one day one duffel and a laptop bag or something of the same size would suffice you.

If I missread and you’re going on a longer trip after DC, then still take your valuables as carry-on and check your clothing and any liquids over 1oz in your check in, just makes it tons easier at security you will get through much much faster!

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