February 22, 2008 2:17 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

How reliable is Southwest Airlines in Seattle, WA?

Southwest I have three $ 300 gift cards. I'll be flying from Burbank, CA, that makes me to change planes in Oakland, San Jose or Sacramento. Are you licensed and southwest out about the weather in Seattle? How clean is the terminus of the southwest Sea Tac. If it were not for gift cards I'd like to fly nonstop on Alaska Airlines from Burbank.

Southwest has the best record of arrivals and outputs over time. Southwest trying to leave on time when weather conditions permit. Begin to rise early to really be taking off at the time of output. My last flight on Southwest was going around the track at 8 am – the exact time of departure. If you have any connection, the crew is very useful to help you with gate numbers, etc. I can not imagine the terminal, any condition worse (cleaning) the rest of the airport.

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