Alaska Travel Guide

April 5, 2008 5:32 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska travel guide
I have seven questions for my study guide, someone please help!?

1: The formation of desert pavement: A means: wind and water b: produced by abrasion only c: is not related to the deflation d: INIT is mitigated occurrence on earth. 2: Another term for the environment Coastal is: a landlocked area:. B: C coast: the coast D: Costa 3: A tsunami is a: Also known as a tidal wave B aka a seismic wave C: a large wave form that travels through the oceans D: caused by a severe storm center in the open ocean 4: Types of Dune are: A: barchan B: C-section: star D: all above 5: san deposited on a ridge extending from the coast, connected to land is one: A: barrier spit B: C lagoon barrier Bay D: tombolo 6: Which of the following correctly describes an intermittent steam bed A, B wash:: Stream C: wadi D: all of the above 7: the basin and the province range can be found at: A: B western United States: Alaska C: Korean 8: in arid air-conditioned, the prominent geographical feature is: a down B:: alluvial fan. C: Beach D: ephemeral lakes

It has always been since I took geology, but I think the answer to # 4 is c: star, # 6 is b: stream and # 8 is b: alluvial fan. I would also recommend checking out or for the rest of your answers. You should be able to find most of what needs between the two sites. Wikipedia is another great site for information. Good luck!

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