Alaska Teaching Job

August 24, 2009 2:58 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska teaching job
As for brown bears, what is the minimum for self defense?

I have a job where you get summers off (teaching). A family member has invited me to spend time in rural Alaska. I'm a little not very strong man. I can handle a 12 gauge shotgun pump action. Something like that. More or less. Is it loaded with slugs, enough? A bullet is regular enough, or you need a drink magnum inches, or a fantasy Brenneke Slug? My cousin carries a 338 Winchester Magnum. That will not happen for me. I'm not going to buy a .338 Winchester for a summer, and I can not shoot anyway. I normally hunt deer with a 243. A 30-06 270 or kicks my ass. I have a Winchester 1300 pump action long gun for hunting birds and rabbits, and a bullet slug barrel for deer hunting. Does pump action 12 gauge is appropriate, normal with 2 and 3 4 / inch slugs breeding? When I mentioned a shotgun, my cousin made a bitter grimace. I do not know if it's because they not believe that a shotgun will do the trick, or know how desperate I am with something larger than .22 caliber.

If you think a 30-06 kick it to her in 12GA slug, I'm one of Alaska and we do like the magazine 338 for the bears. If you can not handle a 30-06 with 338 12GA mag slugs or you need to stay away from the bears! O I know people rely on bear spray and even take it but do not depend on it. I have seen bears ignore it completely. People have sprayed the ground with spray bear and the bear rolled in it. It's best to learn the rules of bear territory. When it comes to leads to ignorance is not bliss. Read these links and follow their advice. Doing so can reduce a meeting are wrong by 90%. I fish with brown bears in yards from me every year. And if you're too close and I have a fish, I cut the line and foot. A 7.5 lbs 12GA shotgun shooting a bullet can produce 49 pounds foot setback, a 30-06 with a 180gr bullet produces about 20 foot pounds of recoil. See what I mean? Oops I forgot, the minimum is 30-06 with a bullet of 220gr or 180 gr or 12 caliber bullet with 1 ounce. And forget a gun and shot him unless his expert least a 44 magnum with a 320gr bullet. I would suggest the 45-70 rifle with a heavy bullet at 44 mag any day!

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