Alaska Sightseeing Tour

March 23, 2010 8:02 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska sightseeing tour
I am looking for suggestions on what to do in Anchorage, Alaska …?

I'll only be there a day and a half in June. I would like to take a cruise whale watching and possibly some other nature sightseeing. However, any suggestion is welcome! (I do not golf and I'm not interested in the purchase – I love photography, so I can photograph anything that ideally!) THANKS!

To get the most from your trip, I suggest that look for an air service from Anchorage to Seward that will take. You will see amazing things from the air, such as mountains and glaciers, and that will save you time. In Seward, you can take a boat trip to see what marine mammals are available for viewing, as well as seabirds, etc. Then fly back. If you are not able to do that, rent a car and drive to Whittier, Alaska. You get to travel through a tunnel. The scenery is great and you can hire a boat trip there. anchor does not have a port, since it is an ice-free port and I've never heard of the whale watching trips in Anchorage. If you are stuck in Anchorage, there is some good birding in the area and fishing in Ship Creek. You can drive north of Palmer and the Matanuska Valley, which are very picturesque. Another option, if you have a car, drive north to Denali National Park. Get advance reservations in one of the buses going to the park. Take a bus night, or if a bus in the early morning to see more animals. If you can, go at least with respect to the Eielson Visitor Center to increase your chances of see Mt. McKinley. If you do not have that kind of time, then only the unity of Savage River, which is as far as you can drive. You will see great views, especially if the sky is clear. Bring your own food and drink and warm clothes for the higher elevation. You could drive to Denali, look around a bit and do it again Anchorage, in a day and a half. If the bus takes too long, then, apart from Lazy River, you can go to the sled dog demonstration and waste time on their way down the road. The scenery is great. The animals are most active in early morning and late at night. Watch especially for lakes and ponds and meadows for elk and swans. Hope this helps.

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