Alaska Satellite Phone

March 29, 2010 11:03 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska satellite phone
Do you think the Canadian North Pole is part of Canada?

Is not there a first sector of some kind between the site meets the Russian Arctic the Canadian Arctic in the North Pole. That in any part of the North Pole south along 60 to 133 West Longitude West is technically Canadian territory? Alaska U.S. does not believe in this principle sector to if I'm swimming near the North Pole, but I'm in the length range from Canada, I have Then make sure you have a waterproof container for my U.S. passport?? and I would need a satellite cell phone to notify the customs I entered Canada? But what if I'm exactly the same length as the island of Hans, but I lost 5 inches south of the North Pole. Does that put me in Canada? Or Denmark?

As in no, the north magnetic pole? It is not officially in Canada. The reason that Canada has sent to CF-18 met Russia Tu-95s is because once a plane passing through the North Pole south toward Canada, fleeing Russia, there is no technical reason why that would happen fuel to fly in that direction, apart from getting a thrill to get close to Canadian territory. If the anti-Russian sound here that's not true. I love Russia.

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