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May 20, 2009 2:10 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska refinance

Why you should use fish oil refining

Omega-3 supplements are the best sellers in the market as most people are aware of the benefits, but many products do not use refined fish oil, because it is more costly process, so they can not get the benefits they expected.

The health benefits include protection against heart disease, effective for curing arthritis, lowering cholesterol and is essential for health brain and welfare. However, to achieve this, you must select refined fish oil.

If not refined then you are at risk of being exposed to fish toxins, which are in the flesh as mercury and other heavy metals. In lower-quality products some of the contaminants remain.

This is why why should not eat too much fish, and you can do more harm than good, depending on where it originated. This is why pregnant women are usually advised to eat only one serving a week, but encouraged to take a fish oil supplement pure, and that's good for the baby's development.

For a look omega-3 oil supplement that comes from species such as hoki and tuna, the most favorable sources for omega-3, and clean and unpolluted water, as off Alaska and the South Sea from New Zealand, the cleanest ocean in the earth.

You must then ensure that it really is refined fish oil.

It is also known as molecularly distilled and pharmaceutical grade and contain high quantities, clearly labeled in the two omega-3 fatty acids more important fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Recent studies show that the content of DHA is the most important for the many health benefits, especially the brain. 60% the brain is composed of fat, half of which is DHA, so you can see the importance of this fatty acid.

So it is very important to review the website or the label carefully before buying, and you will see most of them contain more EPA and many do not separate out the individual amounts. For example, I take a supplement containing 28% or 280mg of DHA and 12% or 120 mg of EPA, with the guarantee of the highest purity available.

Visit my website today to learn more about of fish oil supplements refined Personally, I would.

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