Alaska Motorhome Rentals

October 6, 2009 11:36 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska motorhome rentals

Rent an RV and camping this summer

Summer is almost here and it is time for many families to begin their holiday planning summer. Among the economic downturn and the threat of contacting some horrible sickness, holidays abroad can not be an option for most families. If you have children the idea of a staycation, staying home for the holidays, most definitely met with moans, groans and sad faces. But a staycation does not mean you are kept at home for two weeks. It could mean you just do not leave the country, as a family camping or RV trip destinations popular as the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, or even Alaska.

In considering current gas prices, RV travel and camping is one of the types of holiday cheaper. One of the financial advantages of camping or travel in an RV is not having to eat all meals in a restaurant. While on the road that could even collect a local newspaper and look for flyers or coupons for discounts on local grocery stores.

Camping opportunities abound with more than 16,000 campsites on public land U.S. and private. In 384 the country's national parks are more than 440 camps that offer 29 000 campsites. There are many affordable campgrounds across America North. An excellent resource is the Trailer Life Camping / RV Park and Services Directory ( Provides all necessary information to select an RV park or campground that offers location, facilities and rates that best suits your needs and budget.

Obviously, it helps to have the equipment to camping trailer or recreational vehicle to make your camping adventure as comfortable as possible. While some camping items must be purchased, almost all you need you can rent. Many companies specialize in North America in the rental of camping equipment, RV trailers and motor homes. Two rental companies RV with offices throughout North America are El Monte RV and target = "_blank"> Cruise America. However, there are many small companies that populate the market in certain areas. You can find a local RV and equipment camping rental company in the biggest search engine hire in North America

The most common rentals RV. They are easier to handle for beginners, as RV'er handle more like a car, but sometimes as a car designed for the giants! However, in find all the variations available for rent tent trailer 35 foot trailers fifth wheel. Costs depend on the size and age rent you choose, the season that you want, the amount of time that rental and additional services like delivery to a certain location. Some RV rental companies Offers rentals are also available.

So next time you plan a vacation at home check out and see what else you can rent for your next staycation vacation.

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