Alaska Fly Fishing

June 2, 2008 2:57 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska fly fishing
Fishing the Kenai Peninsula?

August 1 I'm going to Alaska for fishing and tourism. According to the long letters of fish, looks like I will be coming just in time for some coho salmon and trout runs. I wondered if fly fishing is the way to go or rotating rods was so effective? I did not fish 10 years flying around, but still my team. Any combination of spinning particular, I use (ie, 7-foot rod with 20 lb test?). Any particular, lures or baits that work well?

Do both and pay for a guide! They have the equipment you need. then go out on their own after Tour guide. There are tons of small lakes full of trout fish also like any other lake. Salmon eggs and night crawlers are the bait of choice. I like fly fishing and had a blast while going to college in Anchorage. I fished for salmon with a guide and usually fish for the Kings! If there is a explosion and Hope you have fun too! Sorry I can not suggest a guide for you that I have no useful information! License for fishing in Alaska is cheap! So do not worry about the cost of a state license. Sounds like your spinning combo is well! That's what you'd use with the leaders of the light.

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