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December 4, 2009 9:12 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska fishing vacations
Vacation tips when visiting Sitka, Alaska?

We are taking my parents on a fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska next month for its 50th anniversary weddings. Plan on spending much time together and will have a blast. However, most people in our group are probably going to be enough to retire early at night. I'm a night owl and by far the youngest of the group. All I've received brochures in the area more or less just focus on fishing and natural beauty. Is there night spots in the area or should I resign myself to get to bed at 8 pm each night in preparation for fishing trips in the early morning? Any advice on what type of clothes to wear, etc?

For clothing, bring an assortment. Layers and layers of outside is better. Sitka receives a large amount of rain on the coast. There are few bars there and some restaurants. It has been years since I lived there … make sure you do Canal Club for dinner – is on the road a ways. You will find things to do at night. The hotels have bars and hole in the wall local places tend to be fun if you're friendly! Have fun – hope you catch lots of fish, see lots of whales and eagles are not everywhere!

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