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It is what it takes! Brenda Dumont, founder and CEO of Alaska Billing Services, Managing balances 25-person business and raising three children

With three children of his own, issues of childcare was a major motivation for Brenda to start a business. Working outside the home when their children were very young ate away at most of your paycheck due to childcare costs. This, combined with his desire to spend more time with their children, led her to become employer. She worked late at night when her children were in bed, then woke up early the next morning, pack the children in the car and deliver your finished work anchor several practices.

Her husband has been a valuable role in allowing it to grow the business. "I have a great husband … a loving father, a wonderful cook, a listening ear, and my favorite … I love the landscape and garden! We are a great team and gardening brings us much joy. I owe a lot to him to maintain the low level of stress in our lives. One of us is to maintain fairly high, and not him. "

Brenda also had advice for stay focused and deal with stress. "I also read a lot of inspirational books and of course there's always chocolate when it gets very difficult. Remain focus comes naturally, because I'm always pulling something wonderful to catch up. "

Brenda emphasizes the opportunity for women in Alaska to start their own businesses. "What do you like to do? Someone you pay for it? After realizing that, there are all kinds of books and resources out there to help with the 'how' steps. But do not start a business just because there is an opportunity, if you're just done only to make money, think twice. Would you like to work for say 10, 12, 14 hours a day to ensure its success? I loved writing and computers thought they were fascinating. I did not mind staying up all night to see how much they could produce while learning more ways to be better. I loved visiting doctors' offices and see the decor and being surrounded professionals. I liked doing those things, which is reflected in my quality work and cheerful attitude. So what happened? More work came, of course. "

During 2009, Alaska Billing Services is celebrating its 18th year in business serving Alaska providers. Currently, the company employs 25 experts billing. ABS grew 20% in 2008 and Brenda projects the same growth for 2009. "This is a year of great momentum: strong staff, great clients, expansion of knowledge in rural health care billing, and room to grow! "

Brenda's experience demonstrates how ABS women can be successful when they take the risk of owning and operating a business while dealing with the responsibilities of home and family.

Many women would love become entrepreneurs. As difficult as it may seem, it is entirely possible to capture all the responsibilities while pursuing individual passions. For women I really want to make it work, the boundaries are not a consideration.

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