Alaska Air Taxi

August 4, 2009 8:05 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska air taxi
What is the best or cheapest way to reach the Katmai National Monument (King Salmon, Alaska)?

If I can get a government job federal around this summer, I have to pay for the flight from Detroit. This is evident in about $ 1,100 round trip in Alaska Air, Detroit King Salmon through Anchorage. I'm hoping some combination of the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) and air taxi I could save a few hundred dollars, although it takes longer to arrive. Maybe fly to Anchorage, then get to Whittier in some way, then take the ferry to Kodiak, then an air taxi to King Salmon?

fly to Seattle to Anchorage and drive across Canada and then air taxi it. Or fly to Vancouver and book a flight through Frontier Airlines travel websites for as little as $ 450 round trip. then take ferry to Prince Rupert BC and the way there, get on the Alaska Highway Mairne …

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