Air Cushion Pillow

May 28, 2008 12:35 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Air Cushion Pillow
pillow plumpers ?

i’m trying to find a way to plump up my sofa throw pillows. i remember seeing some kinda bags you put the cushions into and then hook it up to a vauum cleaner hose and deflate them and when you release the air the pillows return to their original shape. can anyone tell me how i can find them or another way to plump up my pilows ? thanks in advance.

The bags you mention are for storage and only return to the shape they were in before squishing them. So, if your pillows are flat before they go in, they’ll be flat when they come out. You might try putting them in the dryer on the fluff/air dry cycle with some clean sneakers and run the dryer for a while. This works to fluff down comforters etc. so it may help with pillows.

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