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May 11, 2009 9:01 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

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Do I have to use an approved car / booster seat on Alaska Airlines?

I'm booked on an Alaska Airlines flight next year 1.5 years of age with me. He is flying on a full fare adult not a child discount rate (usually half price). Our two tickets are points (via Perth to Vancouver on Qantas then Alaska AL). Qantas does not require a booster seat for children in their own home, even if they less than 2 (ie, babies), so I was not thinking of bringing a car seat as I am alone, and will be able to drive as it is. I read on page AL Alaska website that "children riding in child seats 50% ticket must use a booster seat / car approved for air travel." I wonder, since my son will travel with a full fare ticket if you need the adult booster seat? What will they do if I have one, do not let us on the flight? Or, I just lie and say that is 2 – or just board the flight with him in his own seat w / booster out and they will assume is two and is no longer a baby and therefore does not require reinforcement.

My six year old has flown in 242 flights and my two years in 40 flights. Especially in Alaska Airlines, so having a little experience with this. Like a baby back (unpaid), definitely do not need a car seat. Some airlines like Northwest real prick about not allowing you use one even on a flight with a lot of empty seats. Considering that Alaska is one of the airlines more friends than children who have used and will allow use an empty seat of a car seat even though they did not pay anything. I will book a combo hall window (leaving a half empty seat) toward the rear of the plane to increase the likelihood of having an empty seat free. If someone buys the seat between, they always want to leave between mother and son or mother-father who lives a baby return. Without a car seat, you must have on your lap for takeoff and landing. Maybe they want the lift for potential turbulence. What you proposed is no different than the baby back unpaid has an empty seat next to them. I can not imagine the flight attendants, except during takeoff and care landing and then (despite the physics involved), enough mother's arms. (Or a car seat) But I would reconsider its plan. Once again, I've done a lot, and we strive to bring the car seat, do not leave or check. Of course, the safety seat is the safest in an accident, but Qantas has never had an accident and lost only planes Alaska about once every 20 years. More importantly, the child can sleep in a car seat much easier because it is tilted and his head is supported on both sides. And your arms get tired of holding him for 18 hours of flight time. And if you get into A total of screaming, kicking way to be tired, jet-lag, etc, can tie and pop in a pacified. For some children, being insured for help sometimes. Sure, it's one more thing schlepp to the airport, but you can always use a rental truck for 3 or call one of the oldest electric carts people use. In 1.5 years, I'd love bring a Baby Bjorn front carrier so you can have him in the chest and leave your hands free. One for the car seat and a present to tickets, passports, etc. On baggage, use a backpack / bag. Baby in front, behind the bag, car seat in one arm, one hand free. I've been through many airports and countries that way. So has my wife. Yes, it is easier with two adults but can be as one. Try hard to keep a bottle of elders or rise, which se and to a lesser extent, descent. Swallowing helps to clean your ear pressure. Theoretically, you can ask to see a sticker U.S. FAA approval to use the plane in the car seat (we all have), but approval of any nation to fly. And Alaska does not check all that often. You need a seat car to drive with him in Alaska to 4 years or 40 pounds. And while the planes rarely hit moose, cars and taxis do.

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