World History Wall

June 10, 2008 9:03 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

World History Wall
10 points so you can help a little in the history of the world?

walled city ruled by a wealthy family. person who placed Florence under strict and religious rule. first Renaissance artist to paint in a realistic style. portray human emotions hired soldiers who fought for the answers from the city states (matchs) A. condottieri B. autobiography C. Giotto D. city-state E. Savonarola

C artist Giotto • In the 1300s it became the first person to change the symbolic style medieval paint a more realistic style • The effect of human emotions captured in a series of frescoes depicting the life of Francis of Assisi ———————– – ————————————————– ——- E Florence Savonarola became a Dominican friar in 1475, during the Italian Renaissance, and entered the convent San Domenico in Bologna. He immersed himself in theological study, and in 1479 transferred to the convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Finally in 1482 the Order was sent to Florence, the "city your destiny. "Savonarola was criticized for being awkward, as well as being a poor speaker. He did not dent in Florence in the 1480s, and his departure in 1487 went unnoticed. He returned to Bologna, where he became a "master of the studies. ———————————— – ———————————————- hired soldiers is a condottieri – Captain of the mercenaries in the Renaissance: a man who led a group of hired soldiers, especially during the Italian Renaissance, including the 13th and 16th centuries – the mercenaries: a soldier hired ————————————- ————————– — BD wall must be because it makes no sense


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