Wings Of Alaska

November 24, 2009 11:57 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

wings of alaska
It's become like Alaska Air Southwest Air in terms of quality?

Last week I flew from Burbank, California to Seattle, WA on Alaska Air. The flight was operated in both directions in one Boeing 737-800. The flight was delayed 30-40 minutes in both directions and there was nothing except drinks and served stale biscuit. The plane was Comfortable, clean and new. The flight attendants were friendly. Serve drinks and pretzels just reminds me of Southwest Airlines. Ten years ago flew on the same flight and served hot meals and a cookie in economy class. The food was either a hamburger or a chicken sandwich with fries. At least I came prepared with my own sandwich. If someone pays $ 400 round trip for a flight of three hours an airline must offer more than a drink. He could have flown Southwest and a plane change in Oakland, CA both ways and I would have paid $ 240 round trip. In this flight from Alaska to the first class passengers get a meal. The Alaska flight entertainment was not on board either. I believe that Alaska is trying to imitate Southwest and become a bus with wings.

That is generally the state of airlines Today, all airlines for domestic uses air routes within the USA. Even a cross-country flight from California to Florida or New York will take about the same amount of food, it is not. I feel your pain, but it is time to live with reality and deal with it. Bring your own food or eat food just before / after flights.

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