Wheeled Carry Tote

September 5, 2009 12:49 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Wheeled Carry Tote
I need a computer carrier for an Xmas gift, recs please!?

My fiance carries his large computer tower to his car every weekend and also carries it from his car to his recording studio. I am afraid he is going to hurt his back or accidentally drop the machine! We can’t afford a laptop right now, and he built the computer himself, so it looks like downgrading the size isn’t an option. I need to get him a carrier with wheels and a handle to he can tote this monster around. I went to Home Depot and Sears and didn’t see anything except for a huge duffel bag with wheels. Anything you can think of?

Look for the little folding carrier sold to carry suitcases. It’s not expensive, but it can carry a desktop case with no problem, and it folds flat.

Wheeled Patent-Look Plane Case with Tote by Athalon

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