Vera Bradley Bali

April 6, 2009 6:04 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Vera Bradley Bali
Hurry! I need some opinions because I'm leaving soon!?

So for the spring I'm doing a new Vera Bradley bag for school and I was wondering what pattern is the most springish think and what you like most? Vera Bradley is also out with any new model at any time soon? Because then they could take? But anyway here are the I like ….. Bali Blue Purple Punch (but almost everyone in my school has) Blue Rhapsody Gold Bali paprika So those are the ones I like so far, but a different one if you like me then tell me that you like from among the set i

which will be released early summer patterns. bali color blue is a good spring. if everyone in your school purple punch then wouldnt you want only that. rhapsody blue not much of a spring color .. released in the winter collection. bali gold is also a good source color. both were in Bali last spring collection years. Paprika is one of my favorites, but is more of a pattern of falling. my favorite is mod floral pink. might be a bit hard to find now .. is pushing old recovered a bag of raspberry fizz again. is very summery and girly.

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