Universal International Travel

August 12, 2008 11:50 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Universal International Travel
Is there public transportation from Disney International Drive kissamee ??!!? and etc.

hello kissamee I stay with my two kids. 10 to 8 is disabled, no public tours as a unit and i dont want to be caught in the middle of nowhere could not afford taxis, etc must reach DISEY, SeaWorld, universal etc. Any other advice is most lacking in the way of saving some money! Thanks, Laura xx will also be in a town so you can not use the free services airport hotels?? oh help!

Oh you're fine! The area has public transport bus called the Lynx or simply "Lynx" is called. I have taken many times. It's just a city bus stops are run over all international Kissimmee. lol I've been stuck behind it many times. So I'm assuming you're flying down? I'm 99% sure that there is a stop at the airport and can only pick up brochures on the bus so that it stops. The bus is cheap. It's $ 1.25 and you pay when you board. If you are transferring, tell the driver, which is only 10 cents transfer fee so you do not have to pay for another bus. enjoy

Tenba Roadie Universal: International Carryon

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