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September 13, 2009 6:51 PM | Alaskan Eagles

Ultra Plush
is it ok to put toilet paper in my dwarf hamsters cage?

i heard you can put toilet paper in your hamsters cage. where do i put the toilet paper and how much toilet paper should i put in there?

do u put the squares or do u rip it into little pieces? or do i just put a whole roll on the side?

and can you also put the toilet paper roll [ the brown cardboard part] in the cage and take off all the white paper off of it?

My toilet paper is called Quilted Northern and its the ultra plush kind,
is that one ok for dwarf hamsters?

place one square in the centre of the cage.
your hamster will take the toilet roll to his/her bed and start to tear it up.
they enjoy this because it keeps them active while doing this and it also provides them with more bedding.
and yes you can put the empty toilet roll tube in the cage.
the hamster will use this as a hiding place and they enjoy running through it.
it will be fine if they eat it.
any toilet roll is fine as long as its not scented.

i hope this helps
good luck (:

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