Tsa Suitcase Lock

December 15, 2009 4:25 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Tsa Suitcase Lock
Should I close my suitcase with a TSA lock or do I leave it open?

I am flying to Florida and do not know whether to leave my case unlocked (I do not like this idea), use a TSA approved lock (better idea) or use cable ties or straps. Any ideas? Thank you. … Thanks guys Ii'll block

Your best bet is to use a TSA-approved locks for transport. In this way, you can lock your bag and if they need to inspect, they will not break the locks or your suitcase when opened. If they break anything in his bag because he was not padlocked TSA, they are not responsible to fix it and you will most likely lose what you have in your suitcase in transit. If you have access to your suitcase, you can say, because the lock will be red when opened with the combination and have to put a piece of paper inside his suitcase that lets you know they opened. Good luck and happy journey!

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