Travel Rolling Luggage

March 10, 2008 4:01 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Travel Rolling Luggage
I'm going to Asia … need some tips or advice?

I will be in Asia for 3 weeks … This question has a few parts: 1 – I'm going to Bangkok, Ko Samet, Phuket, Singapore and the Philippines (in that order) … What kind of luggage should I bring? I was thinking of taking 1 large roll / pull along suitcase, but then I in just getting one of those big travel North Face backpacks. What do you suggest? Please note that I will be taking ferries, boats, planes, taxis, etc. 2 – When I'm hanging on the beach, where I can keep my camera / ID / money safe (water, sand, and thieves)? I want to keep close to me, but then I I want the freedom to go jump in the water for several minutes, then back to my towel and set out, then re-enter the water, etc. In addition, if I go on any snorkeling / diving excursions, Where I can keep my things to keep it safe (thieves) and dry?

depends on its size. If they are small enough to have nothing but good shoes and two pairs of clothes. All clothing is very very cheap. have toilet paper. Even buy your own backpack there for cheap …. we did. When it comes to taking care of his articles that is another story .. If you travel with someone turns in caring for them .. leave them in your hotel if you have .. Some places have little dry bags that can keep things in you and dry day tours ….. Take as little as possible at all times ….. Bon voyage /

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