Tours And Alaska

December 1, 2007 10:19 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

tours and alaska
How to make the best economic route and Alaska?

I want to use the railway, land cruisers and some short trips. let me know the best attractions that can be covered with in 6-7 days

Alaska is fabulous. Take the ferry system Alaska Marine Highway. Since many of the communities Alaska are coastal and inland there are few roads in some parts of Alaska, the Alaska Marine ferry system to the freeway is like most of Alaska to move. This is also a great way for tourists to see Alaska. There are many different routes. You can visit different cities. You may leave the boat for a few hours one locations few. Or you could stay for a few days and catch the next ferry to go forward. There are small cabins (with bath / shower), or if you can weather camping out on deck. There are guards in these ferries will help highlight the whales and dolphins and porpoises. And they run seminars throughout the day. Cafeterias provide fresh food. You can drive your car on the ferry or you could rent to get further north. I recommend this form of travel. Much better than a cruise – smaller, more intimate, friendly, much much cheaper, more versatile, able to go to travel to other places more than a cruise ship (due to smaller size.) You can also connect to the system of BC Ferry from Vancouver or Seattle. Enjoy your trip. It is stunningly beautiful!

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