Thin Wallet Purse

July 28, 2008 10:40 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Thin Wallet Purse
What do you think are the needs and should be the womans inside each bag at all times?

Obviously: cell phone, tampons, portfolio … but what about the odds and ends not think you should! Some thought … 1) forks! 2) floss 3) Soap leaves (recently my mother gave me these tissues thin sheets of soluble soap if you're in a situation where you use the soap! Some small things! Ideal for the center on weekends) 4) tidal Chapstick with SPF to use "pen is a must also agree! lol (I am a coffee drinker guilty) of condoms of course! and Aleve – right! I also always carry a small bottle of perfume (travel size baby) It's good that I have a huge bag!

in mine I have tweezers, small mirror, eye shadows, an eye shadow brush small, pen, pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, birth control, mp3 player (in case your bored and want music), wallet, barrettes, scrunchies, hair clips small, I bring my car charger with me at times just in case, A small bottle of lotion, gum, keys, aspirin and a tampon. Sounds like a lot, but not really. :]

Looking for a way to fill your wallet? Here you go!

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