Sydney Love Cats

October 9, 2009 3:22 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Sydney Love Cats
Where do I move to?

well, so I want to go to Australia, as sick of British life, have lived abroad in Arizona and Israel before, so I know what heat is like ……. but … Where I can go? I love everything about every city in Australia, but not too Sydney interested in, such as a little too big but I'm not ruling it out completely, its just not my first choice …. I am a registered nurse, so I need a place where I'm going to work, either private or hospital does not count at all, has a beach for the weekend, a nice suburban house, cos having my three cats with me !!!!! wee sunny weather! No museums do, but as art, crafts, etc. ….. so what do you recommend?? I was thinking area of the Gold Coast, Adelaide as well? Adelaide has a beach? Melbourne has one? See what I mean ????? so please help. if you know of any good / nice suburbs too, please share! thank you very much !!!!! louise

Everyone seems to want to live here in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. We have a quiet beach all the way over 30 + miles to swim. Or the "Back" (ocean) to navigate the beach, collecting shells, etc rockpools All celebrities live here. Jerry Lewis has a home. Nicholas Cage visits often with their new girlfriends. Olympic swimmer Dawn Fraser. Singer Tina Arena. Malcolm Frasier's former prime minister. Too many to mention. But it says something about the lifestyle. Our winters are cool and summers are warm but the air is cooled beach. As soon as to hospitals. We have a public hospital in Rosebud. And one of the main Frankston 30 minutes, not much traffic. And another 10 on the road to the city. Private hospitals are 2 in Mornington. Bays where I work is magnificent. Surgicentre Rosebud. Frankston has private peninsula. Frankston Frankston day stay private. After batch Frankston last fairer. We are spoiled for choice here with Nursing. As for Adelaide. Do you have a beach. I can not really comment on Adelaide as I've only been there several times. But be there again this Saturday on my way to the beautiful Streaky Bay to work in the hospital there. The Gold Coast has SURF beaches only. And it's hot and Hummer most of the time. They are still getting time temps in the low 30's there and it's almost winter.

Love Cats – Dont Play The Part

2019 The Proverbial Cat - Feline Inspirations 16-Month Wall Calendar: by Sellers Publishing, 12 x 12; (CA-0418)

2019 The Proverbial Cat – Feline Inspirations 16-Month Wall Calendar: by Sellers Publishing, 12 x 12; (CA-0418)


A house is not a home without a proverbial cat! Sydney Hauser combines her delightful illustrations of cats with calligraphy featuring maxims and proverbs enacted by cats. From their first introduction, her posters and greeting cards have been very popular among cat lovers. A purrrfect way to keep track of the year!…

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Construction Cat


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Read this Book to your Cat

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