Summer Jobs In Alaska

February 27, 2009 11:28 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

summer jobs in alaska
I want a summer job in the seas that matters to me is not where il 16 before the summer alive in the U.S.?

id like to go to Alaska or Europe in almost Hawi anywhere for a better experience and to work if anyone knows anything please help thanks, if you have any information and want to contact me my name facebook squad is Jeremy Marlboro New Jersey USA thanks for ur help

The employment situation is bad now everywhere. Besides, you can not work Europe legally, without obtaining a visa that allows you to work. In order to do that usually have to demonstrate that they have special skills, knowledge or experience not can be provided by an EU citizen. Unfortunately, this is a particularly bad time to be looking for jobs, especially here. You may consider setting a target more scope to work here. One possibility is to enter a university program that allows you to study in Europe for a year or semester. In this way, we could at least make contacts here and hopefully the economy will have improved. When my daughter was a couple of years older than you now, she spent a summer working in the cloud forest in Costa Rica and it was a great experience. You can also check web sites for information ex-pat – Search "pat ex" and the name of the country in which are interested in.

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