April 2, 2009 10:19 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

How are you made of Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska $ 43,490 for travel expenses for her and her family?

while they stayed at home, how The behavior of this lopsided impact the election? If accused of fraud is that a good thing for the McCain campaign? Remember Spiro Agnew, vice president Nixon does anyone remember that? N excuces, a thief is a thief is a thief No excuses, a thief is a thief is a thief excuces, a thief a thief is a thief

I live in Alaska. Alaska is twice the size of Texas – three times if measured before and after low tide. You can not travel jet in the east to the west in one day. You can not travel from the south of the north on a jet plane in a day. Travel here is very expensive and there is no place in the 48 that can be compaired. Some cities – such as Juneau, the captital – can not due to land in fog or storms for days and days and jam in either Sitka or Ketchikan. Image how much would travel if your flight to New York was diverted to Boston usually I? I am one of the few people who have traveled all the state. I like to travel with 2-3 other technicians. Helicopter renting for $ 3800 hours and $ 1,200 wet dry time. If we could travel and stay under $ 52,000 in one week – we were doing well. Bottom line. Do you think $ 43K is to allocate the money. In your state – it probably is as it may lead. But when you live in Alaska – A big place – everything is done by air. Who hasthe time to spend 4-5 days to get from one place to another? You are a misinformed. So much for the call idiots. Please stop getting their news from CNN or NBC – try to Fox News – are more balanced. And go shopping for a map with a scale well and educate yourself. I hope this help

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