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October 18, 2008 8:14 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

spruce lodge alaska

Denali National Park in Alaska – 2006 Travel

The best views I have ever experienced was this year during a recent trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. I could not have hoped for a better climate, opportunities for wildlife watching or friends to share everything with. Our accommodations at the Denali Princess Lodge were fantastic too.

This fall I was lucky to receive a call from my brother, an aspiring photographer. He had just been awarded a Fall Drive In Denali National Park permit. They are issued by lottery and only a limited number of drivers to enter the fleet. There are only four days throughout the year in which you can do this. I was thrilled, excited and looking forward to my adventure of his life.

We enter the Park Alaska around 4:30 am so that we could overcome other drivers and to reach a pass called Polychrome sunrise. Polychrome got its name from a multitude of colors that are displayed along the rock layers. Usually this is a good site, but when the sun was absolutely amazing. We were also able to capture a great opportunity to see Mount McKinley at sunrise. There were a few people around and really this was a wonderful experience of Alaska.

They were subsequently able to see some wildlife up close. We found three brown bears, a mother and two cubs. They were eating berries by the roadside. Around the corner we ran into a pack of wolves. They went hunting and ended up taking the game without knowing it, straight brown bears. We had to turn around to see this incredible find and I'm glad I did.

As the wolves approached the brown bear they let their presence be known. They surrounded the bears and was always in close, then pulled back to a safe distance while trying to drive the bears in their territory. The mother bear was somewhat concerned because of their puppies. He kept standing on its hind legs to see over the vegetation and follow what the wolves were doing. Of course, this gave resulted in many photo opportunities. Finally after about an hour or so the bears move back and went to the mountain to the valley below.

We continue our journey back in Denali National Park until the end of the road. About 90 miles back is Wonder Lake. Alaska has many beautiful lakes, but it was simply amazing. The water was crystal clear and so calm you could see the reflection of Mount McKinley, as if you're looking in a mirror. We spent some time in the withdrawal little the park is there and then began our trip back.

On the way back we saw several moose. In this time of year the moose in Alaska are in heat and Bull Moose will find many ready to compete for females. We only saw a confrontation between the small moose but we did see several moose racks that had to be measured over 60 inches wide. That's pretty impressive in every way.

We passed several Alaska Dall sheep, brown bears over a beaver spruce hens, a hawk and a plethora of ground squirrels. The fall colors were out, the sky was blue and this was certainly a once in a life journey through Denali National Parks in Alaska. In my opinion, worth the cost of travel to Alaska.

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