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southeast alaska real estate

A third of us, however Appreciating Real Estate

Despite reports to the contrary in the media, one third of the 50 U.S. States real estate markets are still appreciating at healthy levels, according to a detailed study conducted by Real Estate Add a news website driven, which provides detailed information on housing markets in 50 states.

Seventeen of the nation states continue to appreciate strongly, including seven states located in the southern part of the country. The southern states are experiencing the largest migration of new residents in history.

Southeast is reinforced by the warmer climates in the northern part of the country, causing a flood of new residents and the U.S. weather patterns of change. Many businesses have moved or are planning on moving to the southeast.

Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama are still growing in population new residents and maintain strong appreciation for the local real estate markets.

Nashville, Tennessee is home to the nation of country music, Nashville and has been an increase in appreciation over the past three years is unprecedented in its history. Housing prices are forecast to Nashville to appreciate nearly another 7% the end of 2006.

But Memphis will appreciate a whopping 7.7% at the end of the year, economists said the website.

South Carolina, however, may have one of the most durable and stronger appreciation of housing markets in the nation. Many companies have been drawn to South Carolina through incentives prosecutors, and many retirees are buying more affordable housing in South Carolina.

The Mississippi and Louisiana housing markets are dealt a severe blow by Hurricane Katrina nearly a year ago. But real estate markets of both states have become strong buyers market, where housing shortages have fueled a building boom, is mainly confined to areas outside the disaster areas.

The shortage of construction workers in both states, the lack of building materials and problems with insurance payments have contributed to a slowdown in the reconstruction.

In northern states of the nation's wealth in North Dakota remains see real, especially because of its low cost of living and growth of the labor markets in a handful of communities.

Idaho, Montana, Utah and Alaska also remains taking positive home appreciation. Alaska has seen a growing market as it is in Anchorage since the days of the oil boom pipe the 1970s.

Boise, Idaho, selected by numerous publications as one of the best places to live in America, also continues to experience a housing market has been appreciating over three years and shows no signs of slowing in the short term.

Utah is another Western state that is unprecedented growth is and appreciation. But of all the states in the nation that have experienced booms and busts in major urban real estate markets that may have already fallen, Washington is still experiencing appreciation.

Seattle is still a seller's market, despite rising interest rates and growing inventories homes and condos on the market. Across the Cascade Mountains in eastern Washington, Spokane has followed a growing appreciation for a market unlike anything that has suffered for 15 years. Spokane Housing appreciate another 7.9% in 2006 on average.

Many states housing markets have slowed down after 13 years of low interest rates. It can be hard to determine how strong in many local markets in real estate. Add local real estate market surveys on a regular basis of the data changes provided by title companies, closing attorneys, lenders and real estate agents.

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Mike Colpitts is the publisher of Real Estate Add, an information driven website, which provides appreciation forecasts and unbiased real estate information on local real estate markets in all 50 States. Visit

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