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How I can not have fear of flying?

Here the 15 patients plays from Soldotna Alaska on the anchor in a small plane. Once I get on the anchor I fly to Seattle and then get on another plane and go to Ontario CA all together about 8 maybe 9 hours of travel im 17 and iv been flying since around 8 i fly twice a year and yet still horrified by it. Are there any drugs that can take maybe a little beer or perhaps a plate of smoke? Only I need to calm down or somthing somthing plz help!

Look at this way .. When you drive your car to the supermarket are not afraid, right? You have cars going 70 miles per hour from 3-6 feet to your side and there are plenty of them. Also, every idiot can drive a car and quite possibly can be drunk (…. xD) The probability of having an accident are great but have no fear … On the other hand .. You have planes going 900 kmh, but are separated by at least 1,000 feet vertically and more than 2 horizontal miles .. Again, not everyone can fly a stupid $ 60 million plane .. Each pilot has more than 1000h flight time before he has a work in one of the airlines .. Then when you add the training and experience of the pilot flying for an airline has at least time 2000H flight .. Also the pilots go through training that cost a lot of many ($ 500,000) and threw me .. can not enter the plane under the influence .. Look at the statistics .. Your chance of accident is 1:10000000 So relax, take … relalx easyyyy. Put an iPod, close your eyes and enjoy the roar of jet engine

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