Socket Plug Adapter

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Socket Plug Adapter

Add an AC adapter to a battery-powered device

With a new baby, we are gaining an astonishing number of battery-powered devices – bouncy seats, swings, activity jumpers, mobiles, … – And burning through even more surprising number of batteries. Now I know why Costco sells packages AA immense.

My wife asked if I could connect a laptop AC adapter for our baby mobile. I had seen an article about modifying MAKE noisy toys, so I knew it was possible. It is surprisingly easy provided that (well, I) do not make stupid decisions on the road.

NOTE: The projects described here, will void the warranty on the toy what to change. The manufacturer (Rightly) do not support or provide assistance to do this. If it works, be happy: if you can not open it, do not own. If not, take it as a lesson not to interfere in the affairs of corporations, they are cunning and anger.

1.The Instructable is incomplete

Will realized that two of the steps do not have useful images. I started writing this after completing the project in one of the motives of our daughter, and before starting second. I definitely do not want to take the first apart again just for some photos, and we decided since no d …

2.What to change? A mobile
First, choose the toy they want the power of the wall. I'll show you a very mobile baby Nice Tiny Love. The steps are similar for any device you choose, although the internal details (and perhaps screwdrivers) will be different.

3.What do you need? Parts & Tools
The parts you need to add an AC adapter ( HP DC359A AC adapter) are quite simple, but harder to find than I expected. I ended up going to Radio Shack – adapters are specific voltage, individual counseling, and mounting panel outlets to match the ends. In most places that have a "universal" mounting, and can not get …

4.Open Box
Delete the first battery terminal solder the batteries in place is not the best idea. Open the phone using the bit triangular in the four screws at the back. Be careful when opening the phone, as the cables inside does not have much slack. Identify the red (+) and black (-) …

5.Prepare and mount-making
Drill the 21/64? (5 / 16? And a little) hole at making its mark in the AC adapter. The threaded end of the making needs to stick out enough to tighten the nut. You may need to delete some extra plastic from the inside in order to take fits snugly against the curved surfaces …

6.Move existing cables
Disconnect the red and black wires from the terminals battery with the solder, and solder-pumping if necessary. Be sure not to lose sight of the terminal is that! Solder the red wire in the center pin (at 9 o'clock) the AC outlet. This allows the AC adapter …

Battery 7.Reconnect
This includes an AC outlet in the normally closed switch shell (ground), so you can power the device as built with batteries, but when connecting the battery adapter is disconnected (And not in the short-circuit or reverse bias). Strip the ends of black (and cut it to one or …

8.Validation: does all the work?
You are now ready to verify that your device has not fried. First, set the AC adapter ( CV Pavilion DV6000 AC adapter), plugging the size "M" Adaptaplug at the end of the cable. Make sure the brand "(+)" the plug is aligned with the "tip" mark on the cable. This specifies that the center pin is positiv …

9.Close up
With everything working, you can close the unit. Carefully fold all the cables in the space between the case halves (using pieces of masking tape to hold). Insert and tighten housing screws. Place the battery box rear compartment on.Now you can put the unit in action, Powe …

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