Sheepskin Fur Leather

October 25, 2009 11:09 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Sheepskin Fur Leather
LEATHER BOOTS ARE real or fake?

I AM TOTALLY AGAINS'T animal skins / FUR. I was not aware of what SUEDE, FAUX, SUEDE UPPER meant. I went to buy these boots are made by BearPaw thought they were totally AGAINS'T USE OF SKIN OF ANIMALS appearing skin using skin Therefore sheep, I'm coming back. I am in need of boots So I checked out target website to be shocked also sell leather boots but I found a I Do not Think pair that contains animal skin / FUR. THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS ON THE DESCRIPTION "Faux Suede upper with thermoplastic rubber soles and-shearling lining Faux "this is just FAKE? I Just Want TO MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU BUY NEW ANIMAL items made !!!!!

Anything with the word imitation is false. And do not cry, it will not change his mind about wearing uggs.

TECHSEW 402 Industrial Fur & Sheepskin Sewing Machine

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