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March 26, 2008 11:33 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

seward alaska travel
Does anyone know where I can rent a child car seat in Anchorage, Alaska?

My family travels to Seward, Alaska on a cruise in May 2010. Need rent a child car seat for the week. We have a 2 hour drive from Anchorage to Seward. Thanks!

All car rental agencies provide child seats for rent. We do not rent in Alaska, because I live here, but when I have done elsewhere, the seats are about $ 5/day. That is too high for something else and spit cheerios in it, but do not have to bring something with you. If you have a beater car seat, you can see from the company air and have with you. Or you can bring a good one in both directions with you. I do not think you pay a baggage fee for him. Certainly not if you take the door and "check" her door. Alaska Airlines is especially nice for families and allow you to "baby block" a seat when they reach the airport. That makes the seat to hand, the last one sold. Increase your chances of having an empty seat to put your child in a safety seat on the plane. Allowing them to sleep more easily. What allows you to sleep more easily. Alaska also sell a seat for a <2 years of age half price and then you have a guaranteed seat them. There is a Costco and two in Anchorage WallMarts so if you are willing to be illegal for 6 milesfrom the airport, you could buy a car seat for $ core 25-35 and skip the rental price. Or better than before going to take with you. Salvation Army and Goodwill usually do not provide carseats for liability reasons. Even in Alaska. They do sell skis, no one in the 48 states do, but I have not seen carseats in the anchoring of second-hand shops. Although I have seen (and offered) in Comparison with the cost of the cruise, just spring for vehicles car rental agency headquarters. But I have tried to set some other options too.

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