Set Excellent Quality

January 9, 2008 5:58 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Set Excellent Quality
cheaper alternative to a DSLR is a high-end film SLR?

I have a good point and shoot digital camera and facing a DSLR digital. I was checking out various boards of recommendations on how to get a good deal on a digital SLR. A photographer was thinking beyond of the box so to speak, and said the best way to save money on a DSLR is to use a film SLR. Since we already have a Canon SLR with an excellent set objective, I'm thinking that the use of both houses that I have (digital point and shoot and my Canon film SLR) insurance can save me much money. If I'm not going to go for a really high-end DSLR (more than $ 1,000 for example), I will lose quality, so the cameras I already own? What I meant about investing a $ 1,000 digital SLRs is that I'd rather not have to if it will not do all that much difference on the basis of the two cameras I have now. My point and shoot digital works very well for most situations I can use my film SLR features a lot of the characteristics of people buy for dslr.

Remember that costs are to film and digital. If you currently have a film SLR, you will have no relation to other costs, but you will have costs of the film, developing and printing. I live in Australia, and this works in about $ 15 per roll of 24 exposure. You can only take about 65 rolls before you can spend the same money you can have for a good digital SLR camera. Only you know how long it will take. On the contrary, once you purchased digital SLR, the actual costs are minimal. There will be some printing costs, but can be more selective about what you get. You can take almost unlimited pictures and work to maintain it later. By way of comparison, I recently made a film SLR with me on vacation along with a digital point and shoot. It took me about 17 rolls of film over six weeks, and nearly 500 digital images. In a similar period two years before I just took the point and shoot, and took over 1800 images. My relationship good image of the film is about twice that for digital television, and to take extra care with the film to get everything right. With a digital camera, I have five brackets, instead of three, and take some photos when I'm on a bus to get a good shot unique. Leave aside the fact that there was almost no cost, compared with about $ 200 for developing and printing film only for this trip. I like the combination, but I'm not so sure it is good economics.

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